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"For our students, school is a refuge from the trauma and hardships of poverty and uncertainty—a place where they feel a sense of community and belonging. This is a place where they have room to learn, laugh with friends and build hope." 

- Cheryl M. Bickle, Principal and Teacher


Happy Thanksgiving from CTS

Today we would have been having our 31st CTS Thanksgiving Feast.  The students would have been cooking on Tuesday and Wednesday.  The school would have been filled with the smells of Thanksgiving: pumpkin pie, mashed potatoes, fruit salad, turkey, and of course, gravy.  We would have had dress rehearsals for program.  There would be more than excitement in the air; there is also a bit of magic in the air. 


After the success of the Candy Bowl – a March madness type of fun that the whole school participated in.  Kit-Kat won the Candy Bowl.  Jennipher, teacher of the middle school,  and I decided that we needed to infuse a day of "fun" into the weekly curriculum.  So we converted regular Friday into Fun Day Friday.  For my students regular math is replaced with candy based math.  We have been doing Skittles math and M&M math.  Regular reading and writing has focused on combining poetry and art.  It has brought more creativity into the lessons and it has felt more like what we would be doing during a regular school day.  The leaf art has been surprising, as well as , the cinquains.  I think there will be many more poems and the writing of cinquains in the future.


Thank you for all your good wishes and I send you wishes for a good holiday.

Cheryl Bickle

Principal/Classroom teacher of the 3rd-5th Grades