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CTS Returns to 

In-person Learning

Our students are back at CTS. During a normal academic year, a majority of our students don’t attend summer school, and when they return in the fall it typically takes them some time to get back into the habit of learning and back to the level they were at when school ended in the spring. Despite our best efforts to teach them remotely, it’s clear that many of the students – in my class, at least – who were already below grade level last year had fallen even farther behind. We had anticipated that would be the case, and addressed it by extending the school year through July 28th, with full-time sessions four days a week during the last six weeks. With a concerted effort on their part and ours, we believe most of them were able to regain some lost ground and will return in the fall better equipped and motivated to take on the challenge of a new school year.


Adding another six weeks to the current academic year placed an extra burden on this year’s budget. Happily, your belief in our mission, your faith in our program, and your generosity this year and in the past have provided the resources necessary to fund this added investment in our students’ futures. 


On behalf of the CTS Board, the staff, and especially our students, I want to thank you again for your ongoing support. 

Cheryl Bickle

Principal, Teacher 3rd-5th Grade




Who we


"For our students, school is a refuge from the trauma and hardships of poverty and uncertainty—a place where they feel a sense of community and belonging. This is a place where they have room to learn, laugh with friends and build hope." 

- Cheryl M. Bickle, Principal and Teacher 



going on

at CTS

Over the years we have found that our students feel removed from the typical traditions of our society. Birthdays are rarely celebrated, Thanksgiving - as well as Christmas - is often just another day.  Since we began in 1990, we have aimed to create traditions that our students look forward to and that allow them to feel that they are part of a bigger community.  And, most importantly, that their participation is essential to the success of our traditions.  

“If you’re walking down the right path and you’re willing to keep walking, eventually you’ll make progress.”

- Barack Obama