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per·​se·​ver·​ance /pər-sə-ˈvir-ən(t)s/ noun

: continued effort to do or achieve something despite difficulties, failure, or opposition


CTS, Nike Volunteers and Sunshine Division

CTS, Nike Volunteers and Sunshine Division

Coming Together for Covid-19 Food Box Program





CTS CANdy Bowl

Smoke or Fire? Instead of a basketball tournament our Big Dance is our 10th annual checkers tournament.  This year the tournament will see our 4th-8th graders competing all the way from the opening round to the Sweet Sixteen, to the Elite Eight, to the Final Four and, ultimately, to the Championship.  

But before a champion can be crowned, the game must be mastered. Most of our new students at CTS have never played checkers or even participated in organized competition.  In the weeks leading up to the tournament, every student will have the opportunity to play against each student while Cheryl and Jennipher teach the importance of good sportsmanship.  


PERS Halloween

Volcanoes and vinegar.  Nothing like a middle school science fair.  Our 6th-8th graders don the proverbial lab coat and put on the CTS Science Fair for the rest of the student body.  Each student performs an experiment at a station while small groups go from station to station.  At each station the students watch the experiment and listen to the explanation.  Then each of the students try the experiment themselves.  


The CTS Science Fair is the culmination, and celebration, of this year's science exploration done by the kids.  


Parent-Teacher Conferences

Step right up.  It's our school-wide showcase of the many talents our CTS students have.  Students of the after-school program are organizing this year's show.


The after-schoolers take on the responsibilities of helping our students discover their talents. Students are assigned to each of the classrooms as they conduct talent sign-up, talent performer practice and talent try-outs.  

So far talents include: soccer dribbling, magic and card tricks, several short plays, a Native American dance, dancers and hula hoopers.  

Community Events

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