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co·​op·​er·​a·​tion / kō-ˌä-pə-ˈrā-shən / noun

: the actions of someone who is being helpful by doing what is wanted or asked for : common effort


CTS, Nike Volunteers and Sunshine Division

CTS, Nike Volunteers and Sunshine Division

Coming Together for Covid-19 Food Box Program





PERS Halloween

For 30 years, CTS has celebrated Halloween by loading up the students in our buses and heading over to the PERS headquarters where the kids would do trick-or-treating in the offices. 

Well this year certainly is different, but we wanted to keep the connection going.  The folks over at PERS are putting together treats that we will then deliver to the students during our daily school routes.  Salty or sweet is still the question.  We'll see what the kids choose. 


Likely both!


CTS CANdy Bowl

During normal times, at CTS we like to integrate fun activities to excite the kids–and staff.  We've found that one of the difficulties of distanced-learning is keeping the students engaged.  So this year we've introduced the inaugural CTS Candy Bowl. 


Similar to our March Madness Checkers Tournament, this is a way to talk about competition and sportsmanship.  The students voted for the top 32 candies to square-off in a head-to-head competition to see which candy takes the crown.  In each match-up the students vote for their favorite with the candy receiving the most votes moving on to the next round.  Similar to a MM bracket scoring system, the staff filled out brackets trying to guess which candy will come out on top. 


Go Snickers!

Parent-Teacher Student


Keeping with the theme of adaptation and innovation, CTS is taking our Parent-Teacher Student Conferences outdoors.  Socially distanced but communicatively connected.  This year is just as essential, if not more, to get together with our students and their parents to discuss their progress and really hone in on ours and their goals for the year.


It's important for us to show appreciation to the parents, and then explain and demonstrate the best ways for their children to continue learn and to keep positive momentum.  We stress the importance of the partnership between home and school and how it’s key to their child's development—especially now during Covid-19 distanced learning.  

Community Events

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