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CTS, Nike Volunteers and Sunshine Division

CTS, Nike Volunteers and Sunshine Division

Coming Together for Covid-19 Food Box Program





Return to CTS

During normal times, we'd be coming off of annual March Madness Checkers Tournament in which our 4th-8th graders compete all the way from the opening round to the Sweet Sixteen, to the Elite Eight, to the Final Four and, ultimately, to the Championship.  But continuing the theme, this year is different.

While we weren't able to do our tournament this year, we have, as of March 1st, officially restarted in-school learning.  We continue to operate in coordination with the governor's guideline, with health and safety our as our top priorities


Extended School year

With students returning to CTS this year, we have planned to extend the school-year into July.  

Our students are inherently at a disadvantage without a global pandemic, so it goes without saying that Covid-19 has exacerbated this.  We hope to mitigate this as much as possible. 


For CTS it's not just the educational aspect, but also the social aspect.  Our school is more than just a learning center, it is a place where the kids can learn to become part of a community that expects them to succeed.  It is very hard to demand excellence when you don’t or can’t see the students in person.  

Community Events

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