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How you can donate

and help CTS

Of our $1,046,753 annual budget, approximately only 7% of our funding comes from our Multnomah County contract, which is our only government funding.  The donations we receive not only make our annual budget possible, they also keep our printers full of ink, our breakfast bowls full of cereal, our clothes closet stacked with new clothing and shoes, our classrooms full of school supplies and our book groups reading new and relevant books.  


Thank you for your interest in helping our school.  Please see our current wishlist:


Winter 2024


Clorox Wipes 

- Kleenex  

- Valentines Day Candy  

- Valentines Day Cards (boxes of 28 - 36 or more) 

- Sharpies - Multiple Colors Only  

- Math / Multiplication Flashcards for 3rd Grade (sometimes on sale at Costco)  

- Washable Crayola Paints - 18-count pack  

- Elmers Glue Sticks 

- Forever Stamps 

- Copy Paper  

- Water Color Paper - Various sizes (ex. 9x10) 

All are very urgent at this time 

Thankfully at this time, our shelves (and reserves) are stocked full of spiral notebooks and college rule paper at this time. 

ways you can donate:



Drop by the school office during operating hours.





6601 NE Killingsworth St.

Portland, OR 97218

NEW THis Year

Box TOps for Education

In 1996, General Mills wanted to create a program to help support education and benefit America’s schools – and so, Box Tops for Education™ was born.  Help support CTS by cutting out and bringing in those box tops.


Additional info can be found at:

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