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"I am"


I am Aurora, a girl who needs some chances in life.

I wonder why families always fight for no good reason.

I hear the ocean's waves falling on the beach and the wind blowing in my face.

I see people's feelings for each other, but don't want to tell.

I want to figure what life is.

I am Aurora, a girl who needs some chances in life.

I pretend to be fine, but I am not.  I am someone who is different.

I feel my fears growing bigger.

I touch my cat, it gives me comfort.

I worry something will happen to my family and me.

I cry about my mom and dad.  I am always sad.

I am Aurora, a girl who needs chances in life.

I understand that people have different feelings for each other.

I say I am a normal girl, but I am not.

I dream my family will be normal like other families.

I try to be normal, but everybody says I am weird.

I hope I'll be a normal kid like everyone else.

I am Aurora, a girl who needs chances in life.

- Aurora -

I am someone who can take the challenge.

I wonder where my future will take me.

I hear many people talking and laughing.

I see people worrying about others.

I want to become that person who is there for the people who need someone.

I am someone who can take the challenge.

I pretend that I am a happy child with no problems at all. 


I feel like someone is missing when I am aline in a quiet room.

I touch my happy memories and try not to remember the sad ones.

I worry a lot about my family.

I cry about my family's future.

I am some who can take the challenge.

I understand that I cannot solve my parent's problems.

I say what I feel comfortable with.  

I dream that my family and I will go somewhere good in life.

I try to make my family happy by not remembering the past.

I hope I make a difference in people's lives.

I am someone who can take the challenge.

- Brenda -

I am good grades.

I wonder where my grades will take me.

I see a lie in myself.

I am good grades.

I pretend I don't know the answers to avoid giving them away.

I feel jealousy towards me.

I touch hardwork.

I worry if I am not good enough.

I cry that my mom and dad are divorcing.

I am good grades.

I understand why I am doing well in school.

I say things that I don't mean sometimes.

I dream of something different.

I try to make my mom proud.

I hope I am doing well.

I am good grades.

- Nhu Kim -

I am someone who cares.

I wonder how long my parents will live.

I hear that my parents will pass away early.

I want to help them both.

I am someone who cares.

I pretend my parents are fine.

I feel it happen to me, too.

I touch their feelings.

I worry they will die too soon.

I cry they will pass away soon.

I am someone who cares.

I understand they worry too.

I say they won't die.

I dream it will never happen.

I try not to worry.

I hope they stay with me forever.

I am someone who cares.

- Kameryn -

I am the water in the pearl.

I wonder where the water came from.

I hear sounds of waves on the seashore.

I see the ocean's mysteries.

I want to know about the world.

I am the water in the pearl.

I pretend I am a mermaid.

I feel pain.

I touch the sky.

I worry about the earth being clean.

I cry about being blamed for everything.

I am the water in the pearl.

I understand how the world works.

I say what I want to say.

I try to be happy all the time, but I know that the world would never be happy.

I hope that I could travel the earth.

I am the water in the pearl.

- Nhu Ngoc -

"I am"


- Brenda -

More than anything else in the world, I want to become someone.  Someone who has enough money to pay the bills.  Someone who has success to help my family forget their worries.  Someone who helps my family with things they want but they don't have the money for it.  Someone who wants their family to be happy.  O want to be someone who solves my family's problems.  I want to be their problems solver so we can be a happy family.

I'm a calm and quiet person.  I like to read a lot and do arts and crafts.  I love neatness and order.  At home is the exact opposite of what I really like.  There's people coming in and going out.  There's lots of drama.  There's lots of yelling and screaming.  There's no stopping it.  I feel like my mind is going to burst.

Not only do I know what I don't want to see twenty years from now when I look in the mirror, I know what I want to see.  I want to see someone who has had a challenging day at work and succeeded.  I want to see someone who is a zip at the work she is doing.  I want to see someone who is inspired with her learning.  I want to see someone who finds new things to do.  I want to see someone who followed their goals and became and artist.

- Lyra -

8th Graders:

"Who are you?"



Loving, smart, a great friend, artistic

Sister of Emma Frach, daughter of Cynthia Frach

Lover of animals, drawing, family

Who feels happy, annoyed, anger

Who needs water, friends, family

Who fears death, failing school, not living life to the fullest

Who gives love, opinions and protection

Who would like to see the Eiffel Tower, Italy, Mexico

Resident of Portland, OR



Happy, excited, social, relaxed

Son of Beth Arredondo, brother of Yoatzini, Kevin, Christopher and Fidencio

Lover of listening to music, spending time with my family, playing soccer

Who feels bored, sad, excited

Who needs my family, friends, phone

Who fears losing my family, not being successful, snakes

Who gives friendship, kindness, hugs

Who would like see Paris, London, Sweden

Resident of Portland, OR



Kind hearted, patient, thinking and honest

Daughter of Heather and sister of Naomi and Isabella

Lover of chocolate, anime and animals

Who feels happiness, sadness, excitement

Who needs people around, the internet and food

Who fears not being able to walk in the future, wide open spaces and the darkness

Who gives advice, care and opinions

Who would like see the future, Bora-bora, successfulness

Resident of St. Johns



Sarcastic, funny, stressed, strange

Daughter of Cassandra, sister of Brianna, Matthew, Elijah

Lover of family, bunnies and friends

Who feels happy, bored and needed

Who needs attention, love and animals

Who fears losing my mom and family pets, natural disasters and my brother's dad

Who gives happiness, sympathy and empathy

Who would like to see Okunoshi Island, JPN and Athens, GR

Resident of Earth



Pretty, classy, lit and bossy

Cousin of Jeremiah, Dupree; sister of Tasyonna, Stevonna, Keyuanna, Kendra, James Jr.; daughter of Kenneth

Lover of music, video games, uncle, brother, sister and grandma

Who feels loving, annoyed, hates people

Who needs more video games, life, to experience different things

Who fears of never seeing my brothers and sisters again, not making it in life and that my grandma will never walk again

Who gives love to family, a lot of time to video games, time to others

Who would like to see Paris, Jamaica, Hawaii

Resident of Portland, OR

Rowden Davis

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